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Get Ready to Spin: MCW Affiliates T20 Cricket Adventure! Prizes ranging from 100 to a whopping 100,000 TAKA, plus Jaw-dropping Gadgets worth up to 2.4 Million TAKA every 2 weeks! 

Stand a chance to win up to 100,000 BDT from a single spin!!


To be eligible for T20 spin, Affiliate must need to bring in at least 10 Active Players every 2 weeks to qualify. Active Players define as those Players who have a minimum Deposit of 1000 BDT and accumulate 5000 Turnover at MCW sports products. A Maximum of 10 T20 Cricket Thrill Spins can be claimed for each round!

Example :
Affiliate A
Active Players : 100
Total T20 Spins earned : 100/10 = 10 T20 Spins


Log in with your Affiliate username and the last 4 digits of your registered phone number to play T20 Cricket Thrill Spin

Secure your position at the pinnacle of our leaderboard and be the Champion!

Top achievers will receive thrilling Gadgets as rewards!

The ranking is determined by the total net profit generated throughout the entire T20 season. **Rewards will correspond to the rankings.

Top 1 Yamaha R15 M 1 700,000 700,000 Yamaha
Top 2 – 3 iPhone 15 Pro Max (512 GB) 2 215,000 430,000 iPhone
Top 4-6 Lenovo IdeaPad Pro 5i (8) (83AQ005XLK) 13th Gen Core-i5 Laptop 3 160,000 480,000 Lenovo
Top 7-10 Hitachi Stylish Line Refrigerator R-VG460P8PB (KD) (GBK) – 375Liters 4 110,000 440,000 Hitachi
Top 11-15 Samsung 55AU7700 55inch Crystal 4K UHD Smart Led Television 5 70,000 350,000 Samsung
Total 2,400,000


Rank Affilaite ID Net Profit
1 md******ik 5,956,767.85
2 fo********ul 5,846,446.82
3 ra********er 5,089,434.96
4 md********43 4,998,353.53
5 nu*********45 4,539,504.40
6 77*****61 4,381,284.50
7 ro*******an 4,330,594.03
8 ta*******nd 4,245,766.94
9 ao*******el 3,938,454.87
10 bd******un 3,480,550.18
11 ya*****tu 3,359,954.65
12 la********ra 3,355,944.37
13 jo***********24 3,318,511.46
14 li*******ar 3,299,939.43
15 si******sh 3,187,055.66


1. This promotion is available for all MCW BDT Affiliates.
2. T20 Cricket Thrill Spins is held every 2 weeks.
3. 1st Round will be from June 1st to 15th. T20 Cricket Thrill Spins can be claimed on June 19th to 21st.
4. 2nd Round will be from June 16th to 30th .T20 Cricket Thrill Spins can be claimed on July 3rd to July 5th.
5. During each round, affiliates can earn a maximum of 10 T20 Cricket Thrill Spins.
6. Affliates must open T20 Cricket Thrill Spins before Friday 23.59 PM GMT+8.
If it is not claimed within the given time period, affiliates are considered to give up their Spins.
7. The usernames of the top-winning affiliates displayed on the leaderboard will reveal only the first and last two (2) characters.
If your username is longer than seven (7) characters, it will be masked in the middle for security purposes.
Example: If the username is “user123456”, then on the leaderboard it will be displayed as “us***56”.
8. T20 Champion Leaderboard will be finalized by the end of the T20 Season.
9. Affiliates who won Gadget Prizes in the T20 Champion Leaderboard will be called 5 days after T20 Season.
10. The Bonus prize you will receive from T20 Cricket Thrill Spin will be credited directly to affiliates linked player account every Saturday on or before 01:00 pm GMT +8.
11. There’s no wagering requirement to withdraw the Bonus prize.
12. MCWAffiliates reserves the right to modify or cancel the promotion at any time without prior notice.
13. All decisions made by MCWAffiliates regarding the promotion are final.


Boost your Players first deposit with 300 BDT KYC Bonus

How to get the KYC Bonus?
1. Complete the KYC verification.
2. Make a First Deposit minimum of 500 BDT
3. Contact Sales Team to get 300 BDT Bonus

Terms and Conditions
1. This promotion is valid for the first 3 months after registration.
2. This promotion is only accessible to players from MCW Bangladeshi affiliates who have been referred by the MCW Sales Team exclusively.
3. Player must make a minimum deposit of 500BDT first to get KYC Bonus.
4. Affiliate Must contact MCW Sales team and provide the player id to get the KYC Bonus
5. Deposit and Bonus has 5x Wagering Requirement on ALL MCW Product before any withdrawal can be made.
6.The wagering requirement will be met if the balance in player’s account is 10 BDT or less.
7. Affiliates can offer Maximum of 30 KYC bonus to his players in a week.
8. Crash, Limbo, Poker Holdem and Ludo Game are excluded from this promotion and will not count any turnover.
9.This promotional bonus offer is limited to one person/ account/ family/ legal registered address/ email address/ telephone number/ payment account)/ IP Address/ shared computer environment, e.g., school, public library, or workplace. We reserve the right to withdraw the availability of any bonus offer to any customer or group of customers.
10. Draw, voided bets and both side betting will not count towards any wagering requirement.
11. MCW has the right to make any change in the promotion without prior notice
12. MCW reserves the right to make the final decision.

Extra comission up to 6,000.00 BDT Monthly

Unlock greater bonuses as you bring in more Active players.

How to get the extra 6,000.00 BDT Monthly Commission?
1. Affiliate must have 10 Active Players in a Month.

Additional 6,000.00 BDT Commission
Active PlayersAdditional Commision

2. An active player is defined as someone who makes a deposit and play, with a minimum deposit of 1,000 BDT and a turnover of 5000 BDT required to be counted as an active player.

Terms and Conditions
1. This promotion is valid for the first 3 months after registration.
2. This promotion is exclusively available to MCW BDT affiliates who have been referred by the MCW Sales Team only.
3. Affiliates who are eligible will receive the bonus on or before 7th of each Month.
4. No wagering requirement is required to withdraw the extra commission
5. Affiliates are encouraged to reach out directly to their Affiliate Sales manager regarding any concerns pertaining to their affiliate account and their players
6. MCW has the right to make any change in the promotion without prior notice
7. MCW reserves the right to make the final decision.

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