How to recruit new Affiliates to MCW?

There are two Ways to Recruit new Affiliates.

1. You can recruit new affiliates by clicking on your “Affiliate Referral Link”. Once clicked, it will automatically copy your Affiliate Referral Link. You can then share this link with your friends to help them create an affiliate account.

2. Alternatively, you can recruit new affiliates by providing your Affiliate code. You can locate your Affiliate code by navigating to My Account > Profile > Referral Code.

You can provide your Referral code to your friends, allowing them to enter your affiliate code when signing up for an affiliate account.

3. Kindly check if your Affiliate code is visible here to ensure that your referred affiliates will be linked to your affiliate account (downline)

Reminder : Please verify whether the entered referral code matches your affiliate code to ensure that your referred affiliates will be under your affiliate account.

How to check the performance of your referred affiliates?

1. To review the performance of your downline, navigate to Performance > Downline.

You can assess the performance of each of your downline members by inputting their Affiliate ID.

2. Enter the correct commission Period.

Example : For 18/03/2024 to 24/03/2024 commission Period
From : 18/03/2024
To : 24/03/2024

Note : Ensure that the accurate date is entered to access the precise performance information

3. Once you’ve entered the correct date, click on “Search”. This action will provide you with all the details, including the net profit of your downline members.

4. You can also review the commission you earned from your downline by navigating to Commission > Downline

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