Dear Valued Affiliates,

Starting from 1st January 2024, newly join affiliate will be automatically entitled under “MCW FAST TRACK” which is a weekly commission structure.
You can request to switch to our signature monthly structure which allow you to earn higher commission rate anytime on a monthly basis. (subject for review and approval)

However, for affiliates who are currently under “MCW SIGNATURE” monthly commission structure, you may request to switch to our weekly commission structure before the date below:

1st January 2024
1st April 2024
1st July 2024


Weekly Active Players Weekly Player Netloss Commission %
3 - 4 AND > 0 EARN 20%
5 -14 AND > 0 EARN 40%
15-19 AND > 500,000 EARN 42%
>20 AND > 1,000,000 EARN 45%


  1. We can only switch your commission structure from Monthly to Weekly during the date mentioned above where the 1st day of the month fall on Monday.
  2. You are not ALLOWED to change your commission structure if your account currently has negative carry over.
  3. For new Affiliates who wish to transfer from weekly to monthly commission. Switching From weekly to monthly can be done on April 1st and July 1st 2024. (subject for review and approval)
  4. For Old Affiliates who still want to earn monthly commissions. No need to send an email.
  5. Please click here to see our MCW SIGNATURE monthly commission.

How to Switch from MCW signaturemonthly commission to MCW Fast Trackweekly commission?

Please send your request via Email using the email registered in your affiliate account at :

Subject: Weekly Commission enrollment
Affiliate ID:

Sample Email Template:

For more information, please contact our MCW affiliate Telegram channel:

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